Monday, November 1, 2010

Drag Me To Hell. A-

I think that A Simple Plan is one of the finest thrillers ever made, that the first two Spiderman movies are among the best of the superhero films, and that the Evil Dead trilogy is a total blast. Obviously I'm a Sam Raimi fan, and yet I never saw his celebrated return to horror last year, Drag Me to Hell. Then last week I thought about what movie I'd like to see on halloween, and when two of my brothers recommended Raimi's film, I knew I had my pick. Last tuesday I ordered a copy of it. The seller was from Texas, so I knew there was a strong possibility that it could arrive on Saturday (Halloween was on sunday). And sure enough, when I returned from a friend's slightly unorthodox birthday party on Saturday, the package was there on the table. Halloween came and that night I had a baseball game to watch, and after that a little halloween gathering on my back patio. That latter event lasted well past midnight, and then I found myself in my room, the dvd still unopened, and Halloween having passed. But that didn't dampen my spirits too much. I was still going to watch the movie, and as long as I was awake, it was still Halloween to me. And wow, was this a great Halloween movie to see. It's a fantastic horror story, original, and equally as funny as it is scary. And it's really pretty incredible what Raimi is able to pull off with this movie. I've never seen a horror film that had me laughing both because it was pretty funny and because it scared the hell out of me. I went to bed after seeing it in a great mood, and that feeling carried over well into the next day. It was a feeling of fear and glee, and when a scary picture can produce that sort of effect, it's definitely a success. Now i've been trying to get as many people to see this as possible. And it doesn't have to be on Halloween. It'll work on any day, as long as you see it at night.

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