Sunday, November 28, 2010

Glory. B

Glory is one of those movies that's been shown time and time again in school classrooms, with the purpose not to see a movie so much as to get history lesson. This movie almost feels like it was made for the classroom, not because it's poorly made, but because it has a very pedestrian presentation. All of the characters seemed like prototypes, and the "stories within the story" struggled to maintain any sort of originality. But I liked the movie because I learned something important and felt a greater completeness in my understanding of the Civil War. The movie is about the first black regiment fighting for the Union. I bet a lot of people who never saw Glory didn't know that blacks even fought for the north. Now I know and care, but not about the movie itself. There's still a great film waiting to be made about this subject matter, because Glory, though competently made, is far, far from being it.

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