Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hitch. C+

Sometimes a silly script can be saved by a likable movie star, and that's the case with Hitch. With any other actor, the movie would have been pretty bad, but with Will Smith in the lead, the movie is actually all right. Smith plays Hitch, a relationship maestro who opens the movie talking to the camera about dating. Hitch is a dating doctor who knows everything about relationships between men and women, and while his teachings aren't entirely accurate, they're much truer to real life than Gerard Butler's views in The Ugly Truth. This is a pretty standard movie, very predictable once you know the basic premise. It never really finds a groove with consistent comedy, but it does have its moments. And Smith shows once again that he's one of our most reliable actors. Anybody who can make a bad movie watchable must be on the right track. With Hitch, that's just what Smith does.

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