Thursday, November 18, 2010

Twilight: Eclipse. C

The third installment in the Twilight film series is the first one that seems more like a movie than a romantic dream. There's more tension, more drama, and more plot, the latter of which actually seems pretty pointless. The story of different vampire clans waging war is completely boring, but I suppose necessary for the sake of narrative substance. The movie still maintains some of the qualities of the first two features, which consists mainly in the characters staring longingly at one another and speaking sporadically beneath dreary skies. It sounds pretty bad and it is, but it's also entertaining until it starts to drag. And that's probably my biggest problem with these movies: they seem interminable. The pace is plodding and the running time seems much longer than it really is. And with Eclipse it's particularly painful because we must wait for the inevitable battle between the bad vampires and the good vampires who have teamed with the wolves. Vampires engaging in conflict with their own kind has never been interesting, but when they interact with humans, that's a different story. And that's where these Twilight movies arrest me, albeit on a very small level. Next up is Breaking Dawn, divided into two parts, sure to include every detail in the book, and guaranteed to be a bore-but hopefully in a good way.

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