Thursday, December 2, 2010

Erin Brockovich. C

Julia Roberts won an Oscar for Erin Brockovich much the same way that Sandra Bullock won for The Blind Side. She used her popular status as an actress, took on a role that was inspiring and based on a true story, and really gave a performance any solid actress could pull off. That the performance in the film isn't really anything to write home about isn't as disappointing as the overall movie itself. It tells a somewhat interesting story brought to us with all the conventions of every feel-good legal drama ever made. Or maybe what's more disappointing is that the film is directed by Steven Soderbergh, a director who usually brings so much energy to his movies, yet here provides nothing but the basic necessities to make a film like this presentable. To further my list of complaints, I found Julia Roberts character, Erin, with her feisty and at times impertinent behavior, to be more irritating than likable. Erin Brockovich deals with an important issue, the battle against PG&E concerning the poisoning of water in a small town, but this really wasn't as vital as some of the other more notorious cases of corporate corruption that have been dramatized in film. The point of Soderbergh's movie is more to show the rags to riches story of a woman determined not to give up. As you can guess, this is really nothing new to people. There's not much that doesn't work in the film, but the problem is that it's not really significant enough for us to care.

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