Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Exit Through the Gift Shop. B+

The definition of art, why some art succeeds and some doesn't, and who possesses artistic integrity are some of the questions raised when art is argued over. The truth remains that art is heavily ambiguous, which is why Exit Through the Gift Shop is such a joy to watch. Hoax or not, the movie focuses on some central issues surrounding art, why people like it, and why some artists thrive while others struggle. It shows us an artist who finds his way to the top overnight, and asks if he's really as talented as his expeditious success indicates. People love his work, yet to us he hardly seems like an artist. But then one must ask what constitutes an artist? In the end, it may be a game of chance. A big name might happen to see the work, and, due to the ambiguity of art, just happen to like it, and then do whatever he can to spread it. Sharing is obviously essential to art, and after that it is the effect it has on the public. If one person loves it and everyone else hates it, then that must be art. But really there's no way to tell because there is no clear definition as to what this vague term really is, or what success means. It's all relative. Exit Through the Gift Shop brought these ideas swirling into my head rapidly. As I said, it doesn't matter if it's real or not. It's the questions it raises that really mean something.

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