Friday, December 31, 2010

Legion. D-

Legion is my choice for worst movie of the year, not because it accepts its mediocrity like all the worst films do, but because it tries to be good and fails in every sense. Around its fatuous plot, Legion attempts to investigate its somewhat large assortment of characters and the relationships they have with one another. There's lots of terrible dialogue to accompany the cliched characters, and to make matters worse all the actors who inhabit these roles give silly, wretched performances. I particularly found Dennis Quaid and Lucas Black, who play father and son, to be insufferably bad. Black's southern accent somehow lowered the quality of the film, while Quaid, with his lousy hair shining with grease, looked like an actor on his last legs. The characters are all dreadful, and that I think is the worst part about the movie. The story is equally as bad, yet by accepting the inanity of it, the movie forces us to simply laugh at it. The basic premise here is that God is fed up with mankind, so He decides to send his angels down to earth to destroy it. This idea is stated yet never fully considered. It's really just an excuse for some muddled action scenes to drive the movie before it runs out of gas after 90 minutes. Paul Bettany, one of the heroes of the story, plays an angel out to protect mankind, particularly a woman whose unborn baby is supposedly the last hope for earth. Bettany inexplicably took on the role (ironically the film was released the same weekend as Creation, in which Bettany played Darwin), and even stranger is the fact that he chose to work with director Scott Stewart again. Their next film is Priest, coming out next summer. I expect it to be equally as bad, though if it is that would be quite an achievement.

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