Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Kid. B

What's it about? The Tramp finds a lost baby and raises him while the mother searches for it. The Kid was Chaplin's first feature film, and that's really the only notable thing about it. There are a few famous sequences, and some clever little adventures, but overall this is merely a likable movie and not a lovable one. There's nothing really wrong with the film, and for its time (1921) one could say it's absolutely brilliant. But it's such a short movie that I couldn't feel a whole lot of anything about it. Obviously we care about Chaplin's the Tramp, but that's just due to movies like City Lights and The Gold Rush. I'm really neutral about The Kid. As a movie, it's not great, but I also know that it started something that led to greater achievements, like City Lights. There are plenty of clever scenes that don't compare to Chaplin's greatest theatrics but are memorable nonetheless. The scene in which Chaplin discovers the kid and can't get rid of it, and the fight scene are definitely standouts in a solid literally little movie.

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