Monday, January 17, 2011

The King's Speech. A-

Caught The King's Speech the other day with the family, and I can happily report that I found it to be just as good as everyone says it is. That's one movie off the list of failed 2010 viewing that's spilling into the the new year. Comparisons between this story of King George's battle with a speech impediment and a certain Helen Mirren critical darling are inevitable, so I'll say up front that I liked this movie more than The Queen. Tom Hooper's film simply seemed more vital to me because it concerned a man with so much on his shoulders (i.e. the impending war with Germany). The Queen had the same period quality and masterful performances, but it was really just a British drama within the royal family. It was good because of its psychological dimensions, but it was not an important motion picture. The King's Speech is (more or less, for there are other, newer stories that carry more significance). And I don't wish to base the movie's success on comparisons, because The King's Speech is excellent on its own, too.

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