Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Losers. C

The Losers is a movie about a special CIA team on a mission only to find that they've been betrayed. Suddenly assumed dead, the team hides out and meticulously plots revenge on a mysterious man named Max. Max, a slimy character with really no characteristics except his strong malevolence, has his mind set on making a boat load of money with some terrorist weapons called snukes, which are supposedly friendly to the environment. The villain seems to be the only somewhat original thing about The Losers until we recall that he's essentially the same as every bad guy in the James Bond franchise. The Losers, frighteningly similar to the A-Team adaptation released last summer, is one of those films ridden with cliches for its own sake. It's not trying to reinvent the wheel, but unfortunately, in its obvious presentation, it fails to produce anything of notability. The Losers, a really fun title, is easy to sit through, but it's also even easier to pass up.

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