Sunday, February 27, 2011

Death at a Funeral. C

The only thing I really know about Neil LaBute's remake of Death at a Funeral is that I didn't laugh as much as I did in the original. However, if I'd seen this version first, I'm sure I would have been chuckling more than in the British version. But this is like seeing it all over again with the exact same gags, only with black people. Blacks are admittedly funnier that Brits, but the jokes and side-plots aren't nearly as easy to laugh at when you know what's going to happen. I love the cast in the movie, particularly Tracy Morgan, who's far funnier here than he was in Cop Out. If this hadn't already been made as a British comedy, Death at a Funeral would be come across as a very strange and unusual movie for mainstream Hollywood. It's much darker than what most Americans are used to, and its quirks are strange even for the most oddball Hollywood comedies. If you haven't seen the Frank Oz original, then skip and settle with LaBute's version. If you have seen it, then there's really not much point in checking out this remake. It's simply not a story meant to last.

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