Saturday, February 5, 2011

Needful Things. B

Though it may not be the best Stephen King movie, or even close to the best, Needful Things is still as wickedly clever as it is unabashedly mean. Satanic evil surrounds the movie, until we realize that the villain, played by Max Von Sydow, is the devil himself! This film is a classic Stephen King story, set in a small perfect little town disrupted by a deceiving evil. The plot, which I won't reveal, is quite clever, but unfortunately the movie doesn't ever go beyond it to explore the characters. And once we get the general idea of Sydow's plan, it's pretty clear seeing where the film is going. But there are strong performances from Sydow (he's really just there for a good time, but when there's an actor of his caliber on screen, his intentions are essentially irrelevant) and Ed Harris as the town sheriff, and the sinister mood and shocking consequences of American consumerism make for an overall good time.

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