Friday, March 4, 2011

Grown Ups. C-

Grown Ups was written by Adam Sandler and Fred Wolf with the distinct purpose of being a movie about old friends being old friends. It's hilarious how laid back it is. The movie is like watching a group of people on vacation documented on a really high quality camera. There's no story besides an opening sequence involving five young friends winning a basketball championship, and then the revelation that, thirty years later, their coach has died. This prompts them to get together for the funeral and then spend a weekend together at a fancy little lake house. The movie consists of one scene after another of the guys (Adam Sandler, David Spade, Rob Schneider, Chris Rock, and Kevin James-all SNL vets), and sometimes their kids and wives, on one excursion after another. There's a canoe trip to spread their coach's ashes, an ill-fated attempt on a rope swing, an overlong water park sequence, all culminating in a basketball game with some old rivals. This movie is incredibly obvious. Old geezers, middle-aged fathers, and young red bloods are all supposed to sit back and laugh with the five friends and be reminded of the good times they spent with their buddies. Here's a suggestion to anyone who hasn't seen the film: get together with your old friends and go to a lake house and have some real fun, instead of just watching these guys do it. The movie is very watchable, pleasing, and fun to watch. But you could definitely do better.

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