Saturday, April 2, 2011

Flightplan. C+

It's never good when a movie, clearly leading up to a grand climax, has the viewer ready to quit watching when it arrives. That's the case with Flightplan, a nifty Jodie Foster thriller that really looses all its energy during the final twenty minutes. There's plenty of action, for sure, but its generic, and because all the intrigue of the movie's plot has vanished, we're ready to do the same as well. And that's a shame because the script was co-written by Billy Ray, who directed the intelligent Shattered Glass and Breach, and helped write the 2009 paranoid thriller, State of Play. The good news is that the first part of Flightplan competently blends many elements of the classic thriller without feeling too much like a Jodie Foster vehicle (in most of her films she always seems to be in command, yet here her sanity is in constant question). One cannot sit through this movie without attempting to determine the story's secrets before they're revealed to us. I was guessing from the start, and after creating three scenarios in my head, I'm glad to report that one of them was for the most part correct (though it's really not that difficult, since there's only so many options when a girl goes missing on a plane).

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