Saturday, April 16, 2011

Land of the Lost. C-

I enjoyed just how whacky and stupid Land of the Lost was, but that doesn't hide the fact that it's still a pretty awful movie and easily the worst in Will Ferrell's career. But Ferrell is actually pretty good here, as his character, written for him as usual, is so inane and impractical that you can't help but laugh, whether it's actually funny or not. But sadly the rest of the movie wreaks of misguided actors, a terribly boring story, and tiresome, dull action. The problems start with Anna Friel, a British actress who isn't funny, likable, or hot enough. She has the chief female role here, but I would have preferred an Eva Mendes, someone who is gorgeous and actually pretty funny. Then there's Danny McBride, who could have been really hilarious as the red neck who gets pulled into the adventure. Yet his character is oddly flat and left in the background for much of the movie. Another problem is that the movie's tone is very awkward. Because it's based off a kid s' show, it seems to adhere to the tradition of its origin and keeps things relatively safe. Yet it still picks up a PG-13 rating, as if its trying to balance between the adult and child crowd. The result is something too tame for older guys seeking a raunchy comedy and too crude for little kids being taken to the multiplex by their desperate parents. Or one could simply say it's too dumb for both the adults and the children.

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