Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2 Fast 2 Furious. B-

Paul Walker is zipping down the freeway when he suddenly does a 180 degree turn and continues on in reverse at the same speed. Why does he do it? Because he knows how to. These are skilled drivers in these Fast and Furious movies, and they make it a very good time. Still, this may be the most unsophisticated movie ever made that isn't an exploitation flick. There is not a single line of intelligence, and really not any that indicate that these are human beings. But the movie delivers the goods that it advertises, and by accepting its utter stupidity, one can sit through it and actually have a pretty good time. This sequel isn't as good as the first one mainly because it doesn't have Vin Diesel, whose replacement, Tyrese Gibson, is pathetic as Paul Walker's counterpart. These two are former buddies who now hate each other, but are forced to unite in an undercover case to bring down a vicious drug dealer. The plot comes up terribly short in originality, while the villain, played by Cole Hauser, lacks the eccentricities and charm to be a memorable drug lord. But the stunts here are amazing, and any of the scenes with the cars are pretty great pieces of moviemaking. I'm doing good here-or not. I've seen two of the Fast and Furious movies in my attempt to catch up on the series. But the first two were a year a part. In that case I won't see Fast Five (I hear it's a masterpiece of sorts) till 2014. I really need to pick up the pace.

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