Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer and Movies

Ah, summer movie season is here, at last. Anything to help erase the awful memory of the detritus that was last summer's movie season. Wow, summer 2010 was so terrible, full of one major disappointment after another. And really, there just wasn't a lot to get excited about in the first place. But 2011 is different. 2011 has the makings of a classic summer for film, with enough smoking hot titles to make May, June, July, and August all months of insane anticipation. I'm particularly eager for June, the month where cool movies without enormous buzz or the sequel factor often sneak it. This June is no exception. Here's my ten picks that have me electrified with excitement.

10. Thor. The buzz for this movie has been terrible until the last few weeks, when it's suddenly started drawing comparisons to Shakespeare. Oh, right, Kenneth Branagh is directing. It took a while, but now I'm officially excited.

9. Bad Teacher. The red band trailer was really funny. There's a lot of great looking comedies coming out. I'll take this one.

8. X-Men: First Class. X-Men has sort of lost my interest ever since Bryan Singer left the series. But with Matthew Vaughn at the helm here, expect great things comparable to what Singer achieved with the first two installments.

7. Cowboys and Aliens. We're, meaning myself and everyone else in America, really eager to see this movie. Harrison Ford as the sheriff, and Daniel Craig as the drifter with a laser gun. Can't go wrong there.

6. The Green Lantern. Another superhero flick that looks genuinely in love with its source material. I'm not too familiar with the character, but I really like everything I'm seeing, especially in the just-released trailer.

5. Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Michael Bay's trilogy come to an end here. I think he's made a great movie, not just compared to Revenge of the Fallen, but I mean a really a great movie. I love NASA, and think that all right strings have been pulled here.

4. Rise of the Apes. Since I saw the original last December, I'm sort of ecstatic about anything concerning these apes. I'm worried that it will be this Summer's Predators (a movie I really was excited about, but ending up not liking a whole lot), but I'll still take my chances on loving it.

3 The Tree of Life/ St. Nick. Terrence Malick returns June 3rd. My brother's first feature, St. Nick, arrives in Texas May 13th (according to the Dallas Morning News Summer Movie Preview). I saw it during its festival run two years ago and thought it was quite a gem. These two movies may end up being more similar than you think. The Tree of Life has a good chance of being Malick's most commercial release yet. I'm really eager to see what he does with the dinosaurs. I expect he'll try to evince their grandiose beauty in the same way he would a river or an insect.

2. Captain America. I rejoice at this film's imminent release because Captain America has always been one of the coolest superheroes out there. I loved the trailer, and expect to be head over heels in love with this film. I love it's WWII setting, and love that Joe Johnston, one of the best mainstream Hollywood directors out there, is at the helm of it all.

1. Super 8. I wasn't even around when E.T. and Close Encounters came out, and still Super 8 has me feeling nostalgic. This may be the most personal of the big summer movies. J.J. Abrams didn't just direct the movie, but he wrote the screenplay. With Spielberg at his side, one can't expect too many wrong moves here. I'll be there at midnight for sure.

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