Friday, August 26, 2011

Deliverance. B+

You know when the big hunky badass with a leather vest and a bow and arrow is injured and helpless that Deliverance is not trying to follow conventional adventure movie formulas. Here's a movie I didn't necessarily like, but that left me nevertheless riveted and in admiration of the film's craft. It's directed by the legendary John Boorman (Excalibur, Point Blank). It has great pacing, interesting characters, beautiful cinematography, great excitement, and almost agonizing tension. And it's very realistic the way the disasters unfold. It seems perfectly natural and not at all contrived. Deliverance seems to be anti-Hollywood adventure movie in that it doesn't let anyone get off easy. Yet it also acknowledges the almost super-human strength and endurance man can receive when the situation begs for it. This is evident when Jon Voight's character climbs those steep, daunting cliffs. For backpackers or serious outdoorsmen, I think, like 127 Hours, Deliverance is essential viewing. Even if we know that disaster is always a possibility, there's something about seeing it happen in really well-made film that makes it stick in our head and all the more cautious and concerned with safety.

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