Monday, November 7, 2011

Wedding Crashers. B-

I think Owen Wilson might be my favorite comedic actor. Vince Vaughn-not so much. These two are the duo that crash the weddings, and while they have chemistry and rely on each other throughout the film, I think the main enjoyment I got from this movie was from the former comedian. The initial set-up for the movie is pretty clever, but its ultimate path is a bit worn down. Though it's not a specified genre, this is a comedy in the wealthy home film, which has been done countless times before (i.e Meet the Parents and its sequels, Dan in Real Life, the Family Stone). These movies are primarily set at some rich dad's house, and usually involve one of his children romantically involved with an outsider. This is what Wedding Crashers does, and though it's all pretty familiar, it's still entertaining. Yes, it has the family football game that we saw in Meet the Parents, the obligatory dinner scenes, and the an obvious conclusion, but it also has Wilson, who makes all his scenes worthwhile. It also has quite a few really hilarious moments, plus an extended cameo by Will Ferrell near the end that sort of saved the sliding film. Wedding Crashers is a safe bet if you're looking for a funny motion picture. And that's a good thing, because the laughs a comedy provides is often relative to one's attitude and preferences. This one is pretty much guaranteed to get the job done.

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