Friday, February 3, 2012

Jagged Edge. B+

The first of the countless court room thrillers we were hammered with in the eighties and nineties, Jagged Edge is also one of the best. Having seen other movies like it, I had my expectations as the plot unwound, and ultimately wasn't very surprised by the film's end. But I imagine the movie must have been a bit of a shock upon its release, especially for those expecting it to follow the proceedings of Kramer Vs. Kramer and the like. And while the movie seems quite familiar today, that doesn't mean its not a good deal of fun, especially when it has such good actors eating up their roles. Those would be Jeff Bridges, as a rich newspaper editor accused of killing his wife, and Glenn Close as his lawyer. I also really liked Thomas Krasny as the prosecutor, and Robert Loggia, a PI who received an Oscar nomination for the film. Jagged Edge has a complicated plot that moves fluidly. There always seems to be some new information turning up regarding the case, but Joe Eszterhas's sharp script never gets too convoluted. This movie doesn't attempt to be profound like the John Grisham legal thrillers. It's merely out to give the audience a good time, and that it does.

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