Friday, February 24, 2012

The Lincoln Lawyer. C+

The big flashy courtroom drama has all but disappeared for now, which is partly why The Lincoln Lawyer is so enjoyable. But if it were released amid the rush of these types of films in the 90s, it would for sure be one of the lesser movies of the genre. The film isn't really that good, but it has some good songs and a really enjoyable, flashy performance from Matthew McConaughey. He is essentially what makes the film such a fun ride. His dialogue is fast and snappy, his lines full of sizzle, and his overall demeanor very commanding. This is a movie where an exciting performance like the one McConaughey gives makes all the difference. The plot is pretty interesting for a while, but it pretty early reveals the mystery, opting for the Hitchcock approach in which we know the culprit but certain characters do not. I love this technique because when used correctly it adds a great deal more suspense. But I'm not sure it's suited for a courtroom thriller. Imagine if Jagged Edge had moved its big reveal to the middle of the film? It is true that this makes The Lincoln Lawyer unique, but why is a down and dirty little thriller like this trying to separate itself from the pack? I suppose this is all a bit trivial, as The Lincoln Lawyer is merely meant to be high entertainment, not a new model for the legal thriller.

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