Saturday, March 3, 2012

Horrible Bosses. B

One critic out there argued that comedies like Horrible Bosses no longer really have stories. They just take a premise and turn it into a movie rather than taking a premise and making a sufficient narrative out of it. The point is that there's not really any development with the characters. They're just comedy types, in it to provide laughs rather than make a good movie. I'm slightly at odds with this argument really for one main reason: comedies in the last few years are just too mean to make us want to care. And as long as something as clever as Horrible Bosses is being produced, I'm fine with it. Now imagine if this movie had really tried to tell a story rather then extend its premise (employees plotting to kill their horrible bosses) as far as possible. The result would have been something closer to the The Change-Up, the unbearable stinker from last summer that was essentially a pile of vulgar detriment topped with whipped "sentimental" cream. See, the two don't go together (unless there's a gifted writer at hand, like Judd Apatow, who even can barely get away with it). So again, I'm perfectly content with a dark little comedy like Horrible Bosses where even the heroes would make for unwelcome company. There's a great deal of content here that's really funny and its bolstered by a really gifted group of actors. Now, the person who claimed Horrible Bosses doesn't actually have a story and fails as a result of it does have a point. The premise is stretched so far here that the movie's structure collapses two thirds through. Things get messy and sloppy, but even great comedies tend to fall apart toward the end. And if there was ever a premise to take too far, it would certainly be this one.

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