Sunday, April 29, 2012

Scream 2. B+

Scream 2 isn't as quiet and sneaky as Scream. It's the common theme of overblown sequels, but the difference here is that Scream 2 knows it's a bit more over the top than its predecessor. Its purpose is to consciously be that sequel that's bigger and better, where the body count is higher and the blood flows more freely. Yet that's not enough to excuse the movie of being an overblown sequel. Like Scream, Wes Craven's going for something better, and it shows. Between bits of clever dialogue and a budding romance, Scream 2 consists of one cleverly staged horror piece after another, all involving the serial killer in the creepy mask terrorizing his prey. There's something unique in all of them, a twist or turn that actually elevates the film above many pieces of the genre its making fun of. Well, making fun of might be a harsh term. Scream 2 is in love with the horror genre, and I suppose Craven is really just acknowledging it has stalled and doing something about it. The great thing about the Scream series is just how good the characters are, not the archetypes one might expect. I would say that's chiefly why the sequel works as well as it does. I was actually glad to see these people again. That's how a good franchise is built, after all. 

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