Friday, May 11, 2012

Dreamscape. B

At the Oscars this year, there was plenty of buzz over old legends Christopher Plummer and Max box Sydow each getting nominations. But did anyone mention that these two actually appeared in a film together? The title is an unlikely one, an old blockbuster called Dreamscape. Dreamscape wouldn't survive today in an age when it takes a blockbuster like Inception to truly wow viewers. But for an 80s sic fi adventure, it's actually pretty cool. It's also got a story similar to Inception's, in which people can enter someone's dream in order to unlock secrets in reality. But the movie's really just campy air with plenty of comic energy and some lively action sequences. There's a requisite love story, an above average villain in Plummer, and some decent special effects (for its time, that is, though the big green snake was pretty painful). The star of the film is Dennis Quaid, back when he was sort of a B-grade version of Harrison Ford. He's always been a good actor, but in his young days he was actually pretty funny, too, here, and even more so in Breaking Away from 1978. Dreamscape isn't trying to be anything great, and it shouldn't be approached as anything other than the 99 minute entertaining breeze that it is. But that doesn't sound too bad, does it?

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