Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Scanner Darkly. C

If you blur your eyes slightly, you can hardly tell that a A Scanner Darkly had an animation makeover. But why was I blurring my eyes? This is a pretty boring movie, which surprised me because it's a Richard Linklater project from a book by Phillip K. Dick. Everything seems to be in this film's favor, but at the end of the day it's really not as interesting as it should be. The premise, that a cop is investigating himself, is pretty cool, yet beyond that the movie is a hazy shade of gray. The pacing is uneven, the dialogue tedious, and the characters distant (the graphic novel look probably has something to do with that). The movie simply has no direction. I was waiting for it to be over, which is one of the worst criticisms a film can get. This is a Phillip K. Dick story, so one would expect something really interesting to be going on below the surface. But it's hard to find anything here accept standard commentary on drug culture, its users, its effects, and its presence in the law. The story is also fairly autobiographical. Yet drugs are too familiar. I'd rather learn about a different aspect of Dick's life. I'm a fan of everyone involved here, and it's clear there was plenty of effort on their part. But I think everyone can generally agree that this isn't a very good movie. 

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