Friday, July 6, 2012

Back to School. B

Back to School isn't the wild, raunchy ride you'd expect when you hear that Rodney Dangerfield is going back to college. In fact, it's one of the more innocent college comedies ever made, which is refreshing considering that these days college in movies is synonymous with incessant partying and debauchery. That's not to say that the film doesn't revel in some of the typical college comedy conventions, but for the most part it's a sweet, intelligent, and very likable movie. Dangerfield is of course his classic obnoxious self, but he has an innocence and amiability that you don't find in a movie like Caddyshack. And it's also important that his son, who's also a student at the university, has his own storyline when Dangerfield could have easily dominated the entire film. But is the movie as funny as it is likable? For the most part, I'd say yes. Much of the humor is mere slapstick, but it's done in grand style, almost with a type of class that's hard to come by in modern comedies. I felt the movie may have had a few too many big moments at the end that drag, but that's almost mandatory in a comedy like this. As a whole, for those Caddyshack lovers, this one's a must-see. 

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