Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Cabin in the Woods. A-

Having only just seen The Cabin in the Woods (at a cheap little theatre for a sweet 50 cents no less), I can say that the experience was not as fresh had I seen it when the film first came out back in april. The good news is that if you're aware of central novelty of the film beforehand, you won't have to wait but a few minutes for it to be introduced. The film still works wonders if you already know that there's something controlling this particular cabin. The joy of watching it is that it has plenty of other secrets up its sleeves-not twists, but surprising details that all lead up to a fairly logical conclusion (as a movie, of course). Still, it would have been awesome to know absolutely nothing about this film, wander into a theatre, see it for the absurdity of the title, and be shocked by the tricks Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard have up their sleeves. The Cabin in the Woods represents, along with House of the Devil and Drag Me to Hell, the best the horror genre has offered these last ten years or so. There haven't been a great deal of really good horror films in that time, and I think it shows just how difficult it is to make a good one, and how simple it is to make a forgettable one. Yes, The Cabin in the Woods is admirable because it's just a really good film, but I think even more so because when you look back on it, it comes across as a movie that must have been quite a challenge to imagine and then create. 

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