Sunday, July 29, 2012

Super Fly. C

Super Fly is sort of the king of blaxploitation movies, yet the genre is such a dull one that such praise barely even warrants a viewing of the film. I understand that for blaxploitation, this one is nicely reserved and even has vaguely interesting things to say. Yet if this is best the this genre could produce (btw, I fully get that sophistication is not high in the interest department for these films), then it doesn't speak well for blaxploitation flicks. There are moments here where it seems as if the filmmakers are trying to make something compelling, but then they suddenly seem to remember this is blaxploitation and decide to hold back. This is a movie that desperately wants to respect the intelligence of its viewers, yet somehow it doesn't feel it has the right to. There's a good movie somewhere in here, but it's not what's on display here. The story, concerning a smart but worn down drug dealer (Ron O'Neal, a good, but relatively unknown actor who's really strong here) who wants out of his corrupt world, never really gets in a good groove of narrative propulsion. This might have to do with a lengthy sequence halfway through that tells a major part of the story through a montage of photographs. This keeps the movie at 90 minutes, but it also messes with the viewers' interest in the story. We're just beginning to get invested, but then this photo sequence arrives and suddenly our attention towards the film wanes. This isn't a bad movie, but it's hard to react enthusiastically to a project that seems to torn between being thoughtful cinema and mindless blaxploitation. 

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