Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises. A

I strongly encourage anyone seeing The Dark Knight Rises to see Christopher Nolan's first two films in the trilogy again before venturing towards this massive beast. Not only do they impact the experience of TDKR emotionally, but they (especially Batman Begins) serve the plot of this new installment. Having the plot threads of the first two fresh on the mind makes TDKR much more coherent and meaningful. It's also important to see these three films in a row because this a trilogy, not a franchise. I love that Nolan has a story to tell and he tells it, and now he's completed it. How rare is that? We get these Pirates of The Caribbean and Transformers movies that really have no interest in the traditional notion of storytelling. The story is not about investing the audience, but doing whatever is possible to churn out another product. Why is Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy one of the great cinematic feats in history? Among other things, it understands the beauty of telling a story. It doesn't have sequels or money on its mind (though in a way the money aspect goes hand in hand with quality storytelling, for it's clear that is what gets audiences really excited. Note there was not nearly this type of buzz for the third Transformers film. Not matter what movies try to instill in the minds of the audience, viewers will reward the film that respects their intelligence). That being said, when action serves a good story, it becomes thrilling rather than monotonous. There's plenty of bang in the new Batman movie, yet it is the necessary result of Nolan's compelling narrative, and thus we completely relish the many scenes of chaotic intensity. One should also note that the fight scenes here are far more coherent than in the previous two films. There's no way Nolan didn't hear about the criticism of the murkiness of his action scenes in Batman Begins and TDK, and as a result we see far more attention paid here to the structure and clarity of them. This is a magnificent film with too many good things to talk about here. Here's one spoiler: You'll note Nolan has mentioned A Tale of Two Cities as an inspiration for the movie. With this in mind, check up on Sydney Carton's last words before you see the film.

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