Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thinner. D

I've seen most of the good Stephen King film adaptations, but there's quite a few other ones based off his lesser works, and, unsurprisingly, most are wretched. Take Thinner, for example. This is a film that sells itself on two things: the name Stephen King, and the almost irresistible premise: a greedy fat man kills a gypsy and is cursed, causing him to suddenly loose weight rapidly. It's not a great premise, but it is an alluring one for a horror film. I wasn't surprised that the movie started to fall apart rather quickly. What surprised me was just how far it fell. Not only is this a reprehensible, tone-deaf, and incredibly inept film, but it's also a very boring one-at only 90 some odd minutes no less. Here's a movie that doesn't really deserve anything to be said about it. Some bad films are fun to bash, but this one made me want to forget I saw it before it even ended. Don't be cheated by the premise and avoid this one all together. 

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