Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Deep Blue Sea. C+

Terrence Rattigan was one of England's most successful playwrights around the mid-20th century, and most of his best works have been adapted for the screen. Actually, this marks the second go-round for The Deep Blue Sea (it was previously adapted in a 1955 production starring Vivien Leigh) and yet I wonder if the material is really strong enough to warrant the appearance of another version. The movie has its share of virtues, like the meticulously designed interiors and great use of colors, and of course Rachel Weisz's performance. While the movie didn't get a great deal of public attention when it was released earlier in the year, Weisz has, earning many end-of-year honors, including a Golden Globe nod this morning. However, a good piece of acting by Weisz does not cover up the fact that this is an incredibly slight film that has neither the potency of Carl Dreyer's similar Getrud, nor the depth of various Graham Greene stories this seems so similar to. The director, Terrence Davies, does a stellar job of making the movie as appealing as it is when I feel Rattigan's original work simply doesn't deserve this kind of attention. One more note of disappointment: I had high hopes to see Tom Hiddleston in a leading dramatic role, and yet, while I still think he's going to be a great actor, here the movie does not take advantage his sad, subtle facial expressions nor his remarkably rich voice, and rather just gives him a lot to scream and yell about. 

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