Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bellflower. B

During Bellflower I thought it would reach some sort of profound conclusion about the two main characters, their obsession with flamethrowers, and their dangerous romantic involvements. But actually I don't think the film's after anything big. On the contrary, its intentions seem to be quite small, namely to be a love story with some important truths embedded in its unique narrative structure and content. Writer-director Evan Glodell has been marked as a filmmaker to watch, which isn't a surprise. He takes the surface story and doesn't really wander into unchartered waters and makes the finished product almost insanely watchable. And yet stylistically the movie is off its hinges, and one can't help but imagine what type of person Glodell might be in real life (we know his physical qualities because he stars in the film as well). He's actually a laid back, friendly guy who went to college for an engineering degree, realized that wasn't for him, and decided to focus on film. It's a rare talent who can take that story and come up with something so wild that ends up hardly bending the romance genre at all. It's kind of beguiling. 

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