Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Beverly Hills Cop. C+

Here's a perfectly entertaining, entirely standard action comedy that would be a lot easier to forgive were not considered one of the top hits of the 80s. It's hard to see why this thing became such a smash when so much comic potential is wasted (in his review, Roger Ebert cites that first hotel scene as a key example) and the plot borders on tiring in its predictability. It's easy to see why this cemented Eddie Murphy as a superstar in Hollywood, and yet I was a little disappointed that he used the same shtick throughout the entire movie. He relies on over-the-top banter and silly pranks for laughs, but it's hard to actually do anything more than smile. A smarter script would have taken advantage of what's actually a pretty great set-up, but unfortunately it seems to be the start of big Hollywood penchant for bad taste. Gladly, the movie's never not fun to watch, and hell, at least it doesn't get sentimental by the end. 

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