Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bob Le Flambeur. B

It started the French New Wave. It's got a cool, relaxed vibe. It doesn't take itself too seriously. It's ambition is curtailed by its intentional slightness. It is (spoiler) the best heist film that doesn't actually have a heist. Ocean's Eleven might not exist if Jean Pierre Melville didn't love movies so much. That's pretty much the reason Bob Le Flambeur is famous. It's not a must see if you don't love French movies or Melville's work in general. There are plenty of other heist films I find to be superior, including Melville's masterpiece Le Cercle Rouge. And yet it's quite enjoyable nonetheless even if the sum doesn't match the individual parts. The movie was made the way Allan Rudolph made some of his films in that the budget was minuscule and the shooting went according to how much money there was. As a result, it took two years to make it. Watching the film it doesn't show. This is a laid back, nicely structured, tightly plotted caper. Melville est la homme

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