Sunday, February 17, 2013

Scoop. C-

With a movie a year, it's easy for Woody Allen's films to get lost in their own shuffle, especially considering the mediocrity of his post-millenium efforts. So it's no surprise that most people, even those who follow Allen's annual offerings, don't remember that Scoop ever came out. At this point it seems pretty clear that Allen's intent on a movie each year regardless of whether he's got a good story to tell. With Scoop, I think there's no question that he had no clue what movie to make next nor any fresh ideas for humor. He's reverting back to the days of Manhattan Murder Mystery, only this time the mystery's cheap and the comedy bland. Allen gives himself a large role in the film and gives a downright awful performance, while Scarlett Johansson proves to be the least inspired Allen muse yet. If one wants a film that's light and silly then Scoop will do the trick, but really there's hardly a kind word to give it. 

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