Tuesday, April 23, 2013

That's My Boy. F

I sat down to That's My Boy, the Adam Sandler comedy that was released in theaters last June. I'm not quite sure why I did. After all, there was hardly a kind word said about, and most the films critics didn't think it was just stupid, but morally offensive. Maybe I wanted to see how far Adam Sandler could fall in his ongoing descent into movie hell. Or perhaps I just wanted to enjoy a really terrible film-people do that, and often have a good time. In any case, That's My Boy is indeed wretched, an assault on moral decency and the kind of film Roger Ebert reserved for his zero-star ratings. This is not a comedy to watch with the family, even older members. I can't imagine thick-skinned viewers not getting uncomfortable with it. Out of curiosity I sought out an Adam Sandler interview for the film and noticed he seemed very withdrawn, even embarrassed, mentioning that he didn't want his kids to to see it, or anyone at that matter. I can respect someone for saying that, but how can I respect them for creating the need to say it in the first place?

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