Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Fountainhead. B

The Fountainhead is a pretty entertaining 1949 melodrama with an interesting director, King Vidor (The Crowd, Duel in the Sun), a fun cast in Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal, and some interesting social commentary despite the utter blatancy of its presentation. The latter aspect is due to the fact that this material is coming from an Ayn Rand novel and that she also penned the screenplay. The heavy-handed nature of the story is somewhat fitting though, in that it uses the grand, majestic world of architecture to deliver on its individualistic agenda. Cooper plays Howard Roark, an talented architect who spends the entire film battling collectivists to have absolute creative license on his building designs. I haven't read Rand's novel and now that I hear the film tames down its pretensions I don't think I could ever manage to. 

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