Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Arrangements

This blog has been a pretty nice thing for me in that I never feel pressured to do much with it but it is still in some way always fulfilling. Since 2008, when I was fifteen, I have been writing brief takes on some of my cinematic intake- nothing fancy, just general thoughts, feelings, musings. Yet despite its meager ambitions, I always felt good about it. I was putting something down, and I never really had to worry about spending too much time on long, intense, thoughtful pieces. These takes I can churn out expeditiously, and while I never came close to cataloguing every film I saw, it always felt good to know that my opinions of some of them were on record for me to go back and glance at.

That said, five years of writing out these brief, jumbled paragraphs has gotten a little tiresome. I've always entertained the idea of taking the blog a step further and making it more a general home for my movie ventures. I'm now twenty and enjoying a long, hot summer before returning to college this fall as a Junior, so it seems to me like the perfect time to fulfill that rather vague desire I've had.

I can't promise a steady output, as I have a fair number of other projects going on this summer, but I can promise some variety: general feelings about a film, filmmaker, etc...perhaps some more academic articles on topics I'm particularly interested in (for those curious, right now that would probably be Jeff Nichols, pre-new wave French directors, and Robert Ryan), the continued capsule reviews I've been doing, and the occasional full length review.

I'm looking forward to finally taking this thing at least a little bit further, really not for any major purpose but to put new paint on an old wall.

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