Wednesday, September 4, 2013


It's been a little while since I've written anything on here, and unfortunately that's a trend that may be continuing for a while. It's been a hectic last few weeks, and now I'm wrapped up in the semester with demanding classes that will leave little time for the cinema, let alone blog posts about it. 

That being said, one of my classes is actually a film course, in which there will be required journal entries each week. I can't promise much cohesion in them, but unless they're painfully banal, I'll try to post some of them here if anything just to list some of the films we'll be watching. I can already tell you that tomorrow, when the course starts, we'll be seeing Psycho, which I've seen about four or five times but never grow tired of. As I expected, most of the films I've already seen, though the good news is they're all ones I really need to revisit. In November we'll be watching 2001, which I've criminally only seen once, so it will probably seem almost as good as new when it shows. There are some titles I've yet to see that I'm looking forward to, including Hearts of Darkness and A Decade Under the Influence. 

In any event, as I said, this blog won't be updated too much for a little while, though I will try to offer brief bits on what little I'll be seeing on my own (hopefully a lot of theatrical films-scanning the TIIF lineup and everything else that's not playing there, I'm astounded at how many movies I simply cannot wait to see this fall).

As I said, the last couple weeks have been busy for various reasons and I haven't seen a whole lot. But I did finally catch L'Atlante, which is just amazing, and Ikiru, which unfortunately was not (at least for me). The latter, while thematically rich and beautiful, just didn't seem all that well thought out from a structural standpoint. It was as if Kurosawa had a basket of ideas and just threw them on the table without organizing them. It's a good movie, but perhaps Kurosawa was the wrong man to make it. The story often feels like an Ozu film, and I was too often thinking that maybe it just should have been one. 

I also finally saw Anna Karenina, which I really liked, probably because I've never read the book. When I wrote about Hanna, I mentioned Joe Wright was probably one of the most exciting directors working today. His movies aren't always perfect, but he's never dull and that's well worth embracing. I also saw Hitchcock, which will serve as a nice prelude for when we actually read the book during the film class (that I saw it and found out that the book is on the syllabus is a total coincidence). It's one of the more purely entertaining movies I've seen in a while, and while the Ed Gein element was a bit overplayed, as a whole it's a quiet little movie that makes Hitchcock much more real than I ever thought would be possible. It's a slight film, far from great, but a lot of fun nonetheless. 

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