Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Inside Llewyn Davis (trailer)

It's hard to believe that when Inside Llewyn Davis arrives in theaters later this year, it will have been three years since the Coen brothers last released a film. Happily, I'm incredibly excited for this one thanks to the new trailer just released by Apple. It's great to see the Coens doing a music film again, and it's also great that they're staying in the 1960s, where they were so comfortable with A Serious Man. The trailer is pretty terrific, and it promises a great performance from Oscar Isaac, whose voice and facial expressions remind me in a way of a young John Turturro and who I can imagine might become a regular actor for the brothers. There are other promising things are as far as the acting goes: first, Justin Timberlake looks like he might get a chance to show off his chops again (disappointingly, he hasn't done a whole lot to get excited about since he wowed everyone in The Social Network), and second, Carey Mulligan looks like she might deliver a really good performance for the first time since her breakthrough in An Education. Since then she's been solid, giving a series of smaller, low key performances that are admirable but not quite up to her potential. I'm also a fan of the song in the trailer. While I generally don't love Mumford and Sons, I think Marcus Mumford's voice works quite well with the song (called Dink's Song, originally sung by Dave Van Ronk, the supposed inspiration for the film). It looks like this could be one of the more dramatically compelling and moving films from the Coens, but the trailer also clearly indicates it has their trademark wit, thanks largely to John Goodman (I can't wait to see that scene in the car in full). 

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