Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year!

The first thing I read in 2014 was this nice little Village Voice interview with Dave Kehr that I somehow never happened upon until now. Love the ending:

Is the general idea, perhaps, to reduce one's self so that the text being discussed shows more clearly?

DK: Well, I always think the movie's more interesting than I am. I guess that's just a product of growing up in the Midwest, I don't know. But I never thought I was there to write about me, my experiences, how this made me feel while I was sitting in the chair watching. It was always more about "How is this movie working? What's this guy trying to do? What are the animating tensions behind this thing? Is it asking a question and is it answering it?" External stuff… what can I say?

As far the first movie I saw for the year, that'd be Don Jon. It's pretty good, though more in individual moments than as a whole. I'm glad I waited to see it on home video-it works well on a small screen late at night-and I can't wait to see what Gordon-Levitt decides to write next. He's got a nice whip snap style.

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