Wednesday, February 12, 2014


My sister is studying Cognitive Science at Case Western in Cleveland, but this semester she's taking a film class for an elective credit. She sent me the syllabus and list of movies and I was thrilled to see that she'll be getting to see her first Max Ophuls movie, Letter From an Unknown Woman. Alas, I haven't even seen that one yet, but I plan to soon! Here I am, just finished reading the Playlist's delightful interview with Wes Anderson on Grand Budapest Hotel (which just had its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival) and how Austrian writer Stefan Zweig influenced it. Now I've just gotten a copy of the Ophuls film, and was thrilled to see it's based off of a book by none other than Zweig himself. These things don't mean anything, but they provide an almost indescribable sense of pleasure when they occur. 

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