Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Netflix Alert

For those unaware, A Touch of Sin, Bastards, Short Term 12, and Mother of George are all recently available to stream on Netflix. If you missed them in theaters, get to watching.

Also, regarding the Gone Girl trailer, it looks pretty spellbinding. It's a really nicely cut trailer, with every image masterfully composed, just the right amount of dialogue to hint that Ben Affleck really was the right casting choice, and a wonderful use of Elvis Costello's "She" by the Psychedelic Furs. 

The trailer mostly consists of lots quick shots from various parts of the film (it's the kind of trailer that provides a feeling rather than information) and while all of them look fantastic, one that especially has my attention is at the 35 second mark, where we see Affleck in the foreground looking at a group of searchers emerge out of the woods, their flashlights illuminating the green grass. What immediately drew my eyes to the image was the fact that the sky isn't quite dark yet, making the green of the trees and the grass visible-yet it's dark enough that the men need flashlights, and the row of beams coming out of the woods, with Affleck looking on from a distance, provides an eerie, haunting feel (perhaps even more so than the straight up night shots). Anyhow, it's just wonderful to see new David Fincher images again. He's working with Jeff Cronenweth, his cinematographer from Fight Club, The Social Network, and Dragon Tattoo. There's too many good things coming out in the coming months for me to say October 3rd can't come soon enough, yet I await the day eagerly nonetheless. 

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