Thursday, August 4, 2016


It's that time again...Netflix is letting me get another free month long DVD trial, which means I need to pack as many unseen movies into the next month as possible: On the list: The Cotton Club, Two Men in Manhattan, The Lost Weekend, Downhill Racer, The Gauntlet, Written on the Wind, My Ain Folk, Love at Large, Goodbye Dragon Inn, Cache, To Live and Die in LA...As usual, the Netflix DVD library is extremely lacking, as some titles I'm dying to see just aren't available. I understand that not everything by Frank Borzage can be accessed, but when you also can't get things like The Flowers of Shanghai, I'm reminded that once you've gone through the most esteemed classics, sometimes you have to dig to find the rest. And I should also say that I'm not at all complaining. The list of titles above is a treasure chest, and I truly cannot wait to see these movies. 

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