Friday, October 25, 2013

True False Panel

Just up is a stellar panel on the modern perceptions and practices ind documentaries, featuring Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, Robert Greene, Vadim Rizov, Miriam Bale, and Eric Hynes. Key points: 90% of documentaries are bad-wait, 90% of everything is bad. Vishnevetsky points out that the "The problem isn't the lack of a framework. The problem is too much of a framework." People love leaning on frameworks, not just in documentaries, but in fiction, too. As we praise a genre film because it's built around intentionally outlandish action, we err in excusing the fact that perhaps it is poorly written simply because we're judging it on a precise framework (i.e genre filmmaking). This isn't just also present in documentaries, but perhaps it's doing serious damage to it as a style of filmmaking. Essentially, frameworks are becoming detrimental to those very words, style, and filmmaking.

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