Monday, October 28, 2013

Raging Against The Counselor

The opprobrium that The Counselor received  from Andrew O'Hehir at first might seem like an absurd piece of criticism, and yet in a way it's perfectly reasonable and expected. Any intelligent critic will realize that it's pointless to truly condemn films in which "no one involved claimed authorship, took responsibility, or actually gave a damn," as O'Hehir puts it. But calling The Counselor one of, if not the worst films ever made, is actually a practical claim. O'Hehir's defense of his position is that this is the movie McCarthy and Scott wanted to make. Indeed, it definitely seems to be, and while I would never board the O'Hehir train, I think his review has to be taken seriously in light of the points he makes about what qualifies truly bad cinema. 

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